I’ve never really been a hardcore blogger, but ive certainly had a “web presence” since  the early 1990’s when I fell into a career in IT, my interest was piqued.

My first venture was to compile all my genealogy investigations into an electronic state, so that others could share my research.

For about 10 years, this was enough and the weekly updates sat well with the term of hobby.  However, the Kimber Genealogy Index, as it was known, became a huge task to keep updating easily, as people kept sending me more info for inclusion.

I needed to keep up with the times.  Interactive web sites were becoming more prolific and my little, though informative genealogy web site was looking dated, old and very tired by comparison.

It was at this point that I switched to WordPress. The task of importing everything across, was huge, but boy was it worth the effort. I suddenly had an outlet for my research, but it also allowed correspondents to post their own information and research, without any input from me.  A huge saving in time and allowed instant updates to be visible to everyone, by everyone.

That first WordPress site continued for a long time, until it was hacked and the backup files were lost and life in general took over. I didn’t have the heart to start rebuilding it up again, it seemed like a massive undertaking.  But I miss it and so do others apparently.

So here I am, back using WordPress.  I will slowly but surely be adding the Kimber Genealogy Index back on-line, but it wont be the only focus this time.  I will be using the website for other interests and my own amusement and hopefully, others amusement too.

Steve Kimber

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