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October 28, 2004

Hi Steven,

I found your Web Site via Antony’s in SA, and love your links, like Antony’s very easy and user friendly.

Shall we share links for others looking for Kimber family members Do you have any information on a John and Sarah Kimber of Newbury, Berkshire

They had a son Charles Kimber born 13.Jan. 1826, which is my South Australian line.

There has been a family tradition on our line that the Kimber go way back to a Cimbri/e tribe in Gaul and came over with William the Conqueror in 1066. do you have any thoughts on this.

Even that we descend from William Tell, hence the large number of William’s in the early years on your side and mine.

The first link is a direct link to a page with the photo of Charles Kimber from Berkshire and the beginning of the diary of his wife to Sth Aus., still looking for a dairy of his voyage.

Hope you might have some detail, hope to hear from you,

Kind Regards

John Kimber Of Sth Aussie land


3 Oct 2004

Hi Steve,

I was really pleased to come across this site as I am really struggling to find anything at all about my kimber ancestors. I have tried several times to register for the Kimber Forum so that I can leave a message on the noticeboard however each time I fill in the details & press submit I get back to the empty form again.

Any suggestions?


Reply, hi sue, i dont have any control over the forum, i just link to it


11 Aug 2004

Would you know whether these are any of your Kimber’s. I am related through
George and am searching for more information on his parents and siblings.


2-THOMAS KIMBER c. 29 Mar 1806, Chelsfield, Kent, England

2-JOHN KIMBER c. 19 Jun 1808, Chelsfield, Kent, England

2-JAMES KIMBER c. 18 Nov 1810, Chelsfield, Kent, England

2-WILLIAM KIMBER c. 21 Mar 1813, Chelsfield, Kent, England

2-MARY KIMBER c. 16 Jul 1815, Chelsfield, Kent, England

2-GEORGE KIMBER c. 17 Jun 1804, Chelsfield, Kent, England, d. Abt 1883

+SARAH SINEY b. 28 Jul 1810, Dedford, Kent, England, d. Abt 1884

3-JOHN KIMBER c. 27 Apr 1834, Farnborough Kent England

3-JAMES KIMBER c. 5 Jul 1835, Farnborough Kent England

3-EDWARD KIMBER c. 30 Oct 1836, Farnborough Kent England

3-MARY ANN KIMBER c. 3 Jun 1838, Farnborough Kent England

3-EMMA KIMBER c. 26 Apr 1840, Farnborough Kent England

3-MARIA KIMBER c. 10 Oct 1841, Farnborough Kent England

3-HARRIET KIMBER c. 22 Jan 1843, Farnborough Kent England

3-EMILY KIMBER c. 12 May 1844, Farnborough Kent England

3-WILLIAM KIMBER c. 7 Sep 1845, Farnborough Kent England

3-AMY KIMBER c. 15 Nov 1846, Farnborough Kent England

3-GRACE KIMBER c. 13 Oct 1850, Farnborough Kent England

3-ESTHER KIMBER c. 28 Mar 1852, Farnborough Kent England

3-RUTH KIMBER c. 14 Aug 1853, Farnborough Kent England

3-ELIZA KIMBER c. 24 Jun 1855, Farnborough Kent England

3-ADELAIDE KIMBER c. 28 Feb 1858, Farnborough Kent England

3-CLEMENT KIMBER c. 20 Aug 1848, Farnborough Kent England

SARAH POCKNALL b. 1853, Bexley, Kent, England

1944, MOUNT MAUNGANUI New Zealand

2-RUTH KIMBER b. 1879, Deptford, Kent, England

2-CLEMENT KIMBER b. 1877, Deptford, Kent, England

2-FLORENCE KIMBER b. 1883, Deptford St Paul, Kent, England

Kind Regards,

Leanne Borthwick


July 5, 2004

Hello Steven,

We are a family of Kimbers that originate in Preston Candover and Brown Candover in Hampshire, my father Michael, has reasearch our tree back to 1648, i was just wondering if there might be links into your Kimber line.

I look forward in hearing form you.

Kindest regards Matt. Matt Kimber


May 18, 2004

I am a decendent of Mathias Kimber – He was my great-great grandfather from Nova Scotia.

He was married to Charlotte Jackson.

He was the son of John Kimber and Ann Lund.

Mathias was a black man who drowned leaving nine children.

If any other Kimbers believe they are from this line please e-mail I have lots of info to share. Judy Kimber


December 12, 2003

I am a Sydney-based professional historian engaged by John Kimber of Sydney to research his family history. I have yet to confirm some details and check army records but it appears that the earliest ancestor in Australia was JAMES KIMBER, born about 1798 in Hampshire, died 24 May 1886 in Old Junee, NSW. On 2 May 1836, James Kimber [listed in the IGI records as KEMBER] married Hannah Underhill at Narellan, NSW. John Kimber, the fourth of their nine children, was born on 23 Jan 1842, at Wollogorang, NSW, married Jane Kirk on 23 Jan 1865 at Collector, NSW, and is the great great grandfather of my client.

There is a James Kimber listed as a Private in the 4th Regiment of Foort (the King’s Own) which did garrison duty in Indian and then Australia from 1832 to 1837. Because there is a family legend of a connection to the British Army in India, I am hopeful that this is the same James Kimber and am seeking any further information about him, especially details of birth and parents.

If you have any information about this James Kimber or know of anyone else with an interest, I’d be most grateful if you could let me know.

Thanking you, Terri McCormack


2 Sep 2003

I’m researching a Kimber and Pressey marriage which may be my line on my
grandfathers side.

I have a William Pressey and Susanna as a definite marriage and found
the marriage record on I then found Susanna Kimbers
christening record there also. As you can see her parents are Richard Kimber and
Martha (Bignell).

I see from your website that this couple had three other children,
apart from the eight you have there.

From the book I have bought on the descendants of Richard Kimber, it says two of the children died and there was one other child.

I believe the other child to be Susanna.

See attachments.

Do you have this info and any other on Susanna?

Thanks for your help!

Carol Lamb UK


June 12, 2003

Dear Steven, i am looking for a Colin Kimber who Lived in the Uckfield area around 1957 – 1959 era.

We do not have any information on him except for his name and a photo of him when he was possibly 16 to 19 years old.

I am looking for my biological father who is named as Colin Kimber.

My mother Pearl Hedger (maiden name) is unwilling to give give me any information of him as she was about 15 years old when she fell pregnant with me to him.

I was born in 1959 at Cuckfield.

Any information would be greatfully appreciated.

Kind Regards David Stace


March 12, 2003

Hello fellow Kimbers!

I’m hoping to find relatives / info of Edwin C Kimber, his wife Annie M, children Edwin and my Grandmother Amy Rose Kimber.

Amy married Herbert John Watkins, had 4 children and immigrated to Australia in 1911.

The parents and Edwin jnr show up on the 1881 census for Surrey.

I’d be delighted to hear from any family member.

Please emails with Kimber.


Sue Adamson, from Victoria in sunny Australia.


January 26, 2003


Herbert Arthur Kimber, born 1928, immigrated to Australia early 1950’s,married Margery Gertrude Rowntree in 1955, one son – Robert Anthony Kimber born 1958. Father of Herbert Arthur was Herbert, Mother was Violet nee Giles.

Looking for brother of Herbert Arthur named Robert, born 1929.

Both brothers were sent to orphanages at an early age due to death of both parents.

Robert was possibly adopted by a Bill Seeney, a butcher by trade.

Last known occupation of Robert Kimber was draftsman.

Any information would be helpful.

Cheers Robert Anthony Kimber

Adelaide, Sth Australia


January 11, 2003

Hi, I am looking to trace my Family tree and I know My Great Granddad born James William Parker 17.5.1911 mothers maiden Name was Kimber a Kitty Kimber from Colbury, Southampton UK.

And so I wondered if you had any connection with these Kimbers.



December 30, 2002

Hello Steven, I discovered your web page by chance and it has prompted me to start trying to trace my family tree.

My name is Henry George KIMBER and I live in Coolangatta, Queensland. Australia.

I was born in Portsmouth 29.8.1933 and emigrated to Australia 1963.

My father was also Henry George KIMBER and was also born in Portsmouth January 1907. He married Nora Sheila Davies of Cosham, Nr.Portsmouth 1932 (I think) My Grandfather, also Henry George KIMBER and also born Portsmouth around 1884/5.

He died 1955 and is buried at Portchester Castle Cemetery. Great Grandfather, another Henry George KIMBER born around 1850-60 and is buried at St.Mary’s Cemetery, Portsmouth 1942.

As a complete beginner I would appreciate your advice on which is the best way to begin this search to compile my family tree.

Regards, Henry George KIMBER


December 22, 2002

My Gt.Gt. Grandmother was a Kimber. Elizabeth, Born in Ewan Wilts 1839, Father John Kimber, born Ewan Wilts 1809, Groom. Mother Eliza Kimber nee Evans, Born cirencester Wilts 1766, Housewife. Is this of any interest to you?



November 27, 2002


I have been researching my family tree and came across your website and was very interested to see that we share some family members. William Wiggins Married Sarah Hester in 1766, of whose children, William Hester Wiggins married Ann King, whose son Richard Wiggins married his cousin Mary Ann Kimber .

This is the first time I have come across this connection and was fascinated by it. However, I am able to supply details of the parents of William Wiggins which on your website is stated is unknown. The parents of William are Richard Wiggins (1695-1752) and Joan West. Probably from Pryton , but cannot confirm. I hope that this is helpful and would be interested to know if you have use for this information. I have obtained this information from our Family Tree which was researched by my great aunt and passed onto me.


Tonia Jowett (nee Wiggins)


November 24, 2002


We are Kimbers who are originally from Newbury, Berkshire. (Like so many others!)

I am Christopher Francis Kimber of Rook Cottage, 27 St Marys Road, Hayling Island PO11 9DB. 02392 461617 – Email as this email.

I have the following Brother and Sisters:

Diana Christine Kimber , 24 St Marys Road, Hayling Island PO11 9BY. D.O.B 30 Nov 1940 at Burton upon Trent, Staffs.

Anthony Thomas Brice Kimber D.O.B 07 Oct 1946 Burton on Trent, Staffs

Christopher Francis Kimber (Me), D.O.B. 23 Dec 1947 born Ashby de la Zouch, Leics (We lived there for a few years)

Rachel Melanie Edith Blackwell (nee Kimber), D.O.B. 01 June 1957. born Burton upon Trent Staffs.

We all have families except Diana: Diana is a retired School teacher from Reading, The Abbey School. Anthony Lives in Rye, East Sussex, an ex Army Colonel, now Retired. (Two children Thomas age 22 and Amy age 27) Christopher (Me) Lives in Hayling Island ex Naval Warrant Officer now working as an I.T. Consultant for Fujitsu of Basingstoke. (Two children Sharon Christine age 32 and Christopher Edward Francis age 12) Rachel Lives in Winnersh, Wokingham, Married to William Blackwell (of Hungerford). She is a pre school head teacher. She has two boys James and Julian.

Hope this adds to the family links.

Our Father and Mother was: Thomas Edward Kimber born 21st Oct 1910, Newbury Berks. (Father was a Major in the Royal Artillery during the war and a brewer in Burton for 40 years and then went back to Newbury to live with Grandfather. Deceased Feb 1991. Mother was Christine Winifred Hicklin born 23 Aug 1916 at Burton upon Trent. Deceased 23 Aug 1991. Thomas Edward Kimber had one sister called: Joyce Doreen Kimber (known as Di) born approx 1918 possibly Newbury. She married Donald Leslie Seward of Newbury. They had thre children. Gail, Kenneth and Paul (all Sewards) We visit them regularly.

Our Grandfather and Grandmother was: Brice Tom Kimber born 1880 (presumably Newbury, Berks). Served in the Boer War Served in the Imperial Yeomanry and took his own pony to South Africa. After which he travelled to Canada and U.S.A. He worked on the Canadian Pacific railway track laying. Following which he went to Los Angeles where he arrived immediately after the earth quake in 1906. He then farmed on an island in Puget Sound before returning to Newbury, where he married Edith Agnes Cox . He farmed Speenhamland (North of Newbury, now a roundabout and traffic complex juntion on the A4 road). Following that he farmed at Ecchinswell and then Hyde farm, Shaw. (All close to Newbury). He built a retirement bungalow on the eastern edge of Greenham common. The common subsequently became a WWII airbase (and more recently cruise missile base, now flattened again), which forced him to abandon the bungalow and move back to 7 Portchester Road, Newbury where he lived to the ripe old age of 92. Grandmother died in 1957, just before Rachel was born.

We don’t know much about Grandpa (Brice’s) father other than that he and his wife are buried with his wife alongside our family grave in Shaw Church, Newbury. Anybody knowing further information we would love to hear from. We believe Grandpa (Brice) had a brother called Fred . He also had at least two sisters one Daisy and the other Frances . We knew both of them and still know some of their relations.

Hope this is all of interest to you and the family. Di and I would be pleased to supply any other information should anyone require it using my email address should they like to drop us a line.

Regards to all

Christopher & Di


Hi Stephen Just noticed that I have not informed you of my change of E-mail adress.


Now: Regards Roy Allchorne


25 Jan 2000

I’ve just added the following marriage to my online database at:

KIMBER John, 25, wook sawyer, born: Nova Scotia, son of John

Married 19 Dec 1850 in Lynn MA to LAVENTON Caroline, born: Nova Scotia

More marriages will be added in the weeks and months to come.

Please fill out the Mind-it form on the web site to receive an e-mail notification every time I add data on the surnames you are researching.


17 Jan 2000

A lady recently contacted me looking for Kimbers with a scandanavian link.

I would like to contact her again but have lost her e-address. Does anyone recognise her and have it please?



27 Dec 1999

My great great great grandfather was Charles Kimber and he was born around 1803 in , I beleive, the Bath area.

He married Eleanor Munday and in 1842 had a son James.

By the 1851 Census Charles had died (somewhere between July 1849 and April 1851) and left the following living at 2 James Place, Walcot(Trinity)parish, Bath.

Eleanor Kimber Head Widow 39

Henry 18

Emma 16

Charles 11

James 8

John 6

Ellen 10 months

James grew up to be a Railway Shunter and married Sarah Thorley.They moved to Barnsley and had a son George Henry Kimber who was born in Rotherham in 1881.He married Sarah Barsby in 1904 and they had a son George Leslie Kimber in 1905.

He married Elizabeth Stead and they had a son Harold Leslie Kimber born in 1931. This kimber is my Dad and I was born in 1952.

Is this of any help to you? I have more details if required but the above is a potted version.

Best wishes for the New Year.


Message 21 Jul 1999

Here’s what I have: Kimber, William B: 1850, Portsmouth, England Son of William and Sophia (?). shopkeeper D: 1929?

First record of him in Halifax in City Directory of 1877 Sailor. Worked as fireman on Minia and belonged to the Royal Navy Lived on Abemarle Street (Market Street) Later worked at a Barrington Street store that sold bicycles Drove a coal cart in North End Halifax

According to Denny Doherty¹s father, known for drinking and sleeping it off in his coal cart around the neighborhood. Eventually became a grocer Lived at 39 Livingstone Street (last listing City Directory 1928 Married: Joanna Mahoney, 24 on Sept 14/1876 (born in Halifax, daughter of John and ?? Mahoney, a baker) says he was a stoker aboard HMS Bellesphon??

Witnesses to marriage: William Lynch, Marian King Married in Anglican Church by Rev. J. C. Cochran Marriage Record (1876; #334 Page 160 (Micro 16220)

Their children: James B: D: Married (1905;#337, Page 142Š Micro 16277) Notes: Childless. Adopted William¹s daughter Marian after the death of her mother. Marian died at 20 in first year university.

Lilly: may have run a corner store on Isleville Street spinster still alive when William died

William Henry Kimber B: 1879 (eldest son) D: Sept 8, 1955 (aged 76) Worked Clayton and Sons, later Railway Mail (retired 1937 at 58 with British Empire Service medal 85th Battalion in France in W.W.I) Married: (1905; #176, Page 131Š Micro 16276)

Bertha Maude Lye B: D: Feb 8, 1918 (aged 35) Notes: Died in swine flu epidemic along with baby daughter Elizabeth (18 days) Children: Inez, Louis, Edward, Jack Married: Belle Ernest Evans (died Feb 1955) Hope this is of some help

Stephen Kimber


Message 21 Jul 1999

Made progress today on Michael KIMBER. In 1838 a private census was carried out in Withyham, Sussex by the Rector. It records Michael, alive at 77 with a birth of 1761 in East Grinstead, Jane also was surviving at 61 years. Under occupation for Michael it said ‘ Day work, when he is up to it’

The attached is a bit messy but the Kimber line is concrete with evidence. Where it joins TASKER line in 1795, the Tasker line goes back to 1600. I got all the Tasker info from a descendant and have not yet seen the evidence but the quality of reply, all 31 pages of it, looks solid.

I know need to look into East Grinstead 1761. A quick look on IGI shows a Michael KEMBER christened 1762

Do you have ANY examples of the name migrating from KEMBER to KIMBER?

Regards Nick


Message 20 Jul 1999

I have now traced my KIMBER line to the marriage of Michael and Jane TASKER 12/7/1795.

On the TASKER side I can go back to 1590. From Michael and Jane, they had 9 KIMBER children I can come forward on numerous lines to current day.

KIMBER is now parked at Withyham, Sussex 1795

do you have any suggestion for where to look next?

Regards Nick


Message 20 Jul 1999

A little of my story. I grew up on the outskirts of Syracuse, New York at the corner of Randall and Kimber Roads.

Somewhere in the back of my head was the obvious assumption that one of my ancestors had lived in the vicinity, as I knew my g-g-grandmother’s name was Lucy Kimber.

Of course, about 30 years passed before my interest in genealogy was engaged by a co-worker who was an LDS church member. I diligently began filling out forms and sending for death certificates and crawling around cemeteries. As you know, this is never enough, so I decided to write letters to all the Kimbers listed in the Syracuse telephone book. Imagine my delight in getting three responses – two of which were indeed from relatives – and from two different brothers of Lucy.

Those two responses have led to many, many names and other connections. And then imagine my delight when my mother, out of the blue, said “oh, yes, the old Kimber house is right over the hill – it’s the big, red, brick one”. Unfortunately, it had passed out of Kimber hands, but it was fun to find it just the same.

I’m hoping to visit England next spring and dearly hope I can get to Stour Provost and see “Hawkers” in person. I did have one fortunate find when we went to visit my grandfather’s cousin, age 92. She had picture cards from Stour Provost from the 20’s and also knew Ambrose had sailed on a ship called the Osprey – she sort of tossed off that info very casually and was a little surprised by my jumping up & down.

I’ve since found the port arrival records, but don’t know which of the young boys in the family ended up tied to the mast because they were acting up so much!

Mary Ellen


Message 18 Jul 1999

Hi Steven, I am a descendant of James and Elizabeth (Tucker) Kimber of Stour Provost, Dorset, England via their son Ambrose who emigrated to upstate NY in the mid-1850’s.

I don’t have a website, but do have an extensive FTM file on descendants. Is this anything you would be interested in?

Being a feeb on the computer, I have no desire to attempt something like a website!

I have also transcribed (not computerised at this point) a bunch of Kimber data from Bishop’s Transcripts for Stour Provost (LDS film) and would be willing to put that into a Word or Excel file.

Let me know if we can work something out.

Mary Ellen


Message 20 Jul 1999

Hi, Thanks for the e-mail, it was indeed quite a story and its surprising what turns up !.I have made some progress these last few days in that Alfred’s wife was Mary Ann , Annie must have been the family nickname.

Also two of his sons died in France in 1917 and 1918 William and Alfred respectively in the great war they are on the War Grave Commission Website. Williams wife’s name was Mary Helen , is it any wonder I’m getting confused with the names!

I don’t mind this being published , I have decided though to write to all my family to 1.Ask their permission to publish their details (out of courtesy) and 2 to see if I can glean any info out them unfortunately we are now few.

A number of my aunts died quite recently, luckily one though lives a few miles away and she’d probably like a visit anyway, anything for a cup of tea and a chat!!!!!. As I’m about to create out immediate family tree choosing the software is not an easy choice , out of interest and it may make linking the sites more easily readable what software do you use. Then when I send the info it will be compatible with yours and may save you a lot of time not having to enter it ?

I have to say I’m enjoying this hunt and have enjoyed our correspondence thus far. Cheers for now

Lindsay Kimber


Message 14 Jul 1999

Will contact you soon with what I have , which is not much,am creating tree as much as I know. I assume you know about the following :

Also I’m trying to find a Book by Sidney Kimber about the Kimbers in 1894 will let you know of the outcome

Talking with my father on the weekend my Great grandfather was Alfred Kimber married to an Annie Short , he worked sometime in Donhead St.Andrew Wiltshire as an estate mgr on a Captain Webb s estate, we believe that Captain Webb married Alfred’s Sister.

My grandfather once visited a relation in Twickenham,Middlesex ? Where are you currently living .

Also are you aware of a house in Bray just outside Maidenhead called “Kimbers House”, also a Kimbers Farm (to this day) and I think Kimbers Stud. The house was built in about 1650

My grandfather also reckoned we had something to do with Oliver Cromwell?

Regards Lindsay Kimber


Message 13 Jul 1999

G’day Steven, I’m afraid all I have on Eleanor Kimber is what I put in my message. Her marriage to Thomas ridley was in the St Mary whitechapel PRs.

You can add that to your Index if you wish. PatG.


Message 9 Jul 1999

Hi! I am searching for any information on Mary A. Kimber and her ancestors.

She married Thomas George Rawson on January 1, 1845 (in Pennsylvania or Delaware) and she died on July 18, 1878.

Her children were as follows:

Mary Kimber, b. July 29, 1846, d. young

Sarah Ellen, b. February 16, 1850, d. young

Laura Celinda, b. June 20, 1856, d. young

Emma Jane, b. April 25, 1859, d. March 1, 1877

Warren Thomas, b. March 31, 1862, d. February 2, 1915 (my great grandfather)

Warren T. Rawson married Margaret Lefferts and had two children:

Elizabeth, b. July 11, 1887, d. May 17, 1926

Grant Kimber, b. December 23, 1891, d. September 25, 1963 (my grandfather)

I have no idea of the origin of the name (i.e., what country it hails from) or whether she was even born in America.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely

Lori Zarzycki


Message 4 Jul 1999

Steven, I was glad to see your Email this morning re the Kimber name.

Our family has a Kimber connection, I will look up the details tonight when I get home.

The Kimber connection started for my family in Victoria Australia. I am not sure just how far I managed to trace them back but I am sure that I went back to England at least.

Can you give me any more detail Did any of your Kimber’s come to Australia?

Regards, Russell Thomas


Message 28 Jul 1999

Greetings to the Kimbers! YES! We found your info. very enlightening!

You may keep our address and we would appreciate anything you can find. We don’t have alot of info at this time but I’d like to share with you what (little) we do have.

Harvey Kimber b?,m?d?..Hetty (short for Henrietta?)b?d?.The 3 girls we knew about, but not what had become of them.

You provided the info on Caroline; Abbie (short for Abbegale?) married a HEATH, probably from around the Whitehouse area.

The 3rd one,Sarah is my husband’s (Kim) great-great Grandmother. She married Harvey Canfield,yr. not known,but they had 2 kids. Gladys (pronounced Glade-is)and Carrol Wesley. Carrol Wesley m.Maggie Walbolt again,yr.not known..they had only 1 child,my mother in law,Corrine.

Carrol Wesley died when she was 9 yrs.old from pneumonia. He was “gassed” in the war & survived but it weakened his lungs.

Anyway,that’s all we know so far. We will check out the local cemeteries when we go home in Aug. Kim’s mom said there was alot about the family there as most of them never left the area.(Except the elusive HARVEY)!

I would also like to share the information that there is in the old History of Whitehouse book,printed in 1937.

“Harvey Kimber owned a great tract of land to the west of Whitehouse and maintained the old “Halfway House” where in my boyhood days (the writer speaking) the Wheeler’s,John and his son Mitch who camefrom Lorain Co.lived.

Way back in the old days,the Kimber’s cared for the travelling pubic by having a monster stick fireplace built on the east end of their log house. Connected with this chimney was a very large fireplace and large doors opened off each side of the guest room. When the doors were opened wide,they drove a little old gray mare attached to a good sized log into the big room,and with hand spikes they rolled the log over against the fire which provided the main pat of the fuel two or three days. The lodgers carried their own blankets and slept on the floor with their feet to the big fire. As a boy, I never saw the little gray mare but considered it a treat to see the big bare room,the whale of a fireplace and the old stick chimney. They were still there.

Harvey Kimber went away with the Gold seekers in 1849 and never came back. His family carried o however. Aunt Hetty married Duke Pray and histhree daughters were later, Sarah Canfield, Abbie Heath and Caroline Waterbury.” In another entry, the writer speaks again about the Wheelers (who lived in Harvey’s log house). He recalls” John Wheeler “grandfather to our Bob” came up from Rochester,Lorain County(Ohio) in 1866. He bought 5 or 6 00 acres of land, part of the old Harvey Kimber holdings and including the old Halfway House and extending from the old Sorg or Converse place on the Archbold-Whitehouse Rd., North to the Swan Creek.”

There was one other entry which I can’t put my finger on right now,but it stated that someone else had purchased land belonging to H. Kimber but never got the deed to it until many years later,after a power of attorney (Hetty’s new husband,I believe) could execute it.

Well, I hope you find this interesting… I sure do, but I believe I have bent your ear long enough.

Please write when you find out something and anytime for that matter! We’d like to keep in touch. If we can help with any other people’s family tree that may have had roots in our old stomping grounds, I’d be happy to research it for them.

Sincerely, Mary & Kim Bucher


Message 25 Jul 1999

HI! Steven, My husband and I have been searching for his great-great Grandfather,Harvey Kimber.

The only info.we have is that he owned great tracts of land near Whitehouse, Ohio, was married to a lady named Hetty, and had 3 girls.

He left his family around 1842 to (supposedly) go to the gold fields, we don’t know where, and was never heard from again. My husband Kim, (actually Kimber) was named for him.

We have been curious about him for quite a few years.-Oh, Whitehouse,Ohio is about 25 miles Southwest of Toledo, thought I’d better mention that since it hasn’t grown too awfully much since Grandpa Kimber’s day!!

Any info. you may have on this elusive rascal would be very much appreciated!

Sincerely, Kim & Mary Bucher


Message 22 Mar 1999

Steven I was delighted to see that you are keeping up the Kimber family web site.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to help me but I’ve traced my great grandfather, William Kimber back to his first appearance in the Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) City Directory in 1877.

According to the directory he was a fireman on a Royal Navy ship, the Minia, and came to Nova Scotia from Bristol, England.

Would you have any way of deducing from that information which William he might be or how I might find out more. Thanks in advance.

Stephen Kimber


Message 21 Mar 1999

Hi Steven, I’ve just visited your Kimber pages — keep up the good work!

I am descended from the Kimbers of Sussex, my mother’s mother was a Kimber before marriage.

My own researches have been concentrated on my father’s side but I have collated info from relatives researching my maternal ancestry.

These include references to 59 Kimbers. You’ll find these on my webpages.

If you wish to email me with any queries, I’ll see If I can help.

Regards, Trevor Hanson


Message 19 Mar 1999

Hello Steve, My name is Jenny Maddison.

I read your email on a friends computer and am only online for today but you can contact me through Linda at the above address anytime.

My Kimbers are from Winkfield, Berkshire. My grandfather was George Kimber and his father was Marlow Willis Kimber. I would be interested in swapping information.

If you would like to send me your snail mail address via Linda I can send you more information.

Regards Jenny.

P.S. Have you tried there is a lot of info on the Kimbers on this home page.


Message 12 Mar 1999

I am doing a one-name study with a friend on the surname Harcourt.

I love it when people write with details on the surname Kimber. I have only one name for you but I am hoping to add to this name one day soon, perhaps you will be able to help me.

Ann Maria KIMBER married Solomon DAVIS,

I have no idea of the marriage details. They had numerous children. One daughter called Elizabeth who married John James Abbott and they had one son called James Davis Kimber Abbott (my grandfather) Gramps is still alive he just turned 85.

There is a family album lost some where. We will one day find it I hope and there will be a few photos and info on my Kimber line.

I will have a look next time I am at the Library for my Kimber marriage details on St Cat’s index. I have a photo of my Ann Maria Kimber attached to my home page click on my signature then go to family history then click on Kimber

Best Wishes Rebekah Harcourt


Message 11 Mar 1999

Not a direct bit of info for you, but there was an Alderman Henry (I think) KIMBER of Wandsworth Borough Council, who had a road named after him. It is still there.

He lived around the middle of the last century. The Borough Archivist, Tony Shaw, will be able to give you a lot of information.

Simon Rutter, Chertsey UK


Message 7 March 1999

Steven I checked the 1885 NZ Postal Directory and it shows

KIMBER, Chas, Jas & Stephen, farmers Greenpark

KIMBER, Henry, farmer, IrwelI

Cheers, Helen

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Message 7 March 1999

Hi Steven, Thanks for all your work on the Kimber name & making it available on the ‘Net, keep up the good work!

I have a Kimber name in my line but know little of them at this stage.

This is what I have:

Charlotte KIMBER married John Carey on 5 Mar 1810 in East Garston, Berkshire, England.

Charlottes fathers name may have been James but I can’t confirm it at this stage.

Charlotte & John Carey had at least 5 children.

The oldest was named John Kimber Carey and he migrated to Australia in the early 1840’s. He was a bricklayer by trade.

The name Kimber is always used in his records so it seems to have been quite important to him

Would be grateful to hear of any links/possible connections you may come with.

Marian Connor


Message 06 March 1999

Steven Edward Kimber’s 1767 History of England is listed on our catalogue of books on microfiche.

This is the book the authorities tried to destroy. Only copy known to have survived is in our library!

George Bell


Message 06 March 1999

Hi, I have Kimbers in my family.

My great uncle Hubert Raybould of Cradley in the Black Country married a Vera Kimber of Leigh Sinton, Malvern, Worcs.

She was the daughter of Joe Kimber who died in his 90s, about 30 years ago I think. I remember Joe quite well from my childhood.

He had been gardener at Witley Court which famously burnt down (1920s), and the ruins of which are now owned by English Heritage.

He also had two sons, one of whom, with his son, has an antique shop in Malvern Link Any interest?

I would very much like to link my family history into anything you have in this area.

Nigel Brown

Wolverhampton, UK


Message 06 March 1999

Forgive me if this is all known to you, but there is a very well known KIMBER in folk circles.

In 1899 Cecil Sharp met William KIMBER at Headington near Oxford. KIMBER was the musician for the local Morris dance side if you want to know more. As a result of this meeting Sharp began to collect the music and dance of the Morris sides. Kimber continued to play for the Morris up till his death in 1961.

If you want any more details try contacting:

The Librarian

The Ralph Vaughn-Williams Library

The English Folk Dance and Song Society

Cecil Sharp House

2 Regents Park Road





Message 6 Mar 1999

I haven’t any Kimber’s but a friend who isn’t on the net does.

I think her maiden name was KIMBER.

Could I please have your name and snail address. Will probably be seeing her next Tuesday

Bye Marg M


Message 5 Mar 1999

Saw your posting on Soc.genealogy.britain.

Can’t really help you with the surname Kimber, except to say that my great aunt’s solicitor in Lincoln’s Inn Fields in the 1930s was Wilkinson Kimbers.

The firm still existed (cant remember, perhaps by another name?) in 1979.

I think it was Wilkinson, but certainly Kimbers. Might have been another partner.

Hope it helps.




Message 5 March 1999

Hi There I am researching the KIMBERS in Kent, ENG and have back to John Kimber christened at Sevenoaks Kent about 1781 he was illegitimate son of a Mary KIMBER who I am unable to identify, she may have originated from the KIMBERS in SRY, just across the border.

The PR’s don’t show any other Kimber, so she was either in service there or went there to relatives to have the child. John married a Sarah ????? definitely not Sarah BIRD at Wilmington in Kent.

I have carried out a lot of research and have found the name spelt: Kimber Kamber Kember Camber Cambier Cember These are from Census records and PR’s, doubt the same ones. There is a chap in South Africa who is doing a ONS on Kember, if you are interested in him, let me know.

My KIMBER’S were generally located at Chelsfield Kent and three boys emigrated to Queensland Australia in the late 1800’s I have their complete family tree and numerous photos.

My contact in Australia is LINDA CROSS, but all information she has on KIMBER’S in UK were obtained from me, she is on the Kent mailing lists.

My g grandfather was Stephen Kimber of Chelsfield who married Harriet DAVIES. I can not research back from Mary as there are several in the surrounding districts of Sevenoaks

There are strange coincidences in life, your address shows “@clara” my great aunt was Clara Alice Kimber

Best wishes from “Down Under”

Roy Allchorne (33 spelling variations)


Message 5 Dec 1998

Thanks for responding to my message.

I spend a lot of time on the net so I saw your name. I attempt to contact any Kimber I see for in the US the name is pretty uncommon. The Kimber family seem pretty closed about their background , almost to a fault, I feel there is some info there that may not be bright, Oh well I will find out.

My Great-grandfather, Walter Kimber, was born in 1869 and died in December 1949, He was among other things an inventor or some renown. He was married to Laura Ada Record and secondly th Elizabeth ??he lived in South Africa and Ireland. They had 4 children, Edward (my grandfather) Albert, Maude and Rhoda.

He mentioned in a 1942 letter to my grandfather, then living in Michigan that there were uncles in Los Angles( Harry) and in Vancouver BC (Bill) . My grandfathers baptism certificate mentions a William (James or Lawes) also in South Africa. In 1895 Edward was married to Minnie Elizabeth (or Mary EWlizabeth) Pittuck, I believe of Wivenhoe,

Her parents are listed as Albert and Carolyn Geoghegan. He was deceased at the time of marriage. My father, Dennis, was born in England- (Wivenhoe I think) and raised in England until he was 7 and moved to the US. Albert moved to Michigan and then California where he died. Rhoda moved to Vancouver and Maude lived in England.

Other than that I have little info. My grandmothers friend relayed that there was Irish blood in the family, something that my father denied. The Geoghegan name comes from somewhere.

I have corresponded with Dr Robert Kimber of Australia. He has researched his branch which leads back to Cromwellian England near Wantage.

He is a retired Professor and is most interesting. His branch follows the Sidney Kimber book of 1894, Have you seen it?

Again I appreciate you response and am looking forward to any knowledge you can share.


Mike Kimber


Message 2 Dec 1998

I am researching my Kimber background the branch I belong to is from Buckinghamshire and the London Area.

My great Grandfather raised the family in Ireland and South Africa as well as London area

Family names include Pittuck, Record and Geoghegan.

Do you know of any possible relationships or any sources about the Bucks

Mike Kimber


Message 21 September 1998

Steven As you can see from my web pages, my wife’s lineage includes the KIMBER’S and if she should find she has Cornish blood, never mind how diluted, she would be delighted. Where did you get that idea?

The data on my web page shows that Martha’s father is Joseph KIMBER. However, I have only recently received her marriage certificate, where her father is listed as John KIMBER, farmer.

She was married by license from Alfred Street. I am busy on another of our lines atm, but will look into this as soon as possible. It seems possible that Martha might have been brought up by her grandfather, John, but that’s only a guess that will take some investigation.

I also have a cousin (a COCKING) in Oxford, who knows some KIMBER’S in the Headington area, so they may be able to help via email. Headington,

OXFORD was full of KIMBERS for many years.

I have two Morris Dancing photos including William KIMBER taken in 1914 and 1925.

I’ll be in touch again as soon as I can get back on to Kimber research

Thanks for the contact

John Slee


Message 12 September 1998

Steven Thanks for your note. I must confess I don’t know a lot about our family history, but I’d certainly be interested in learning more.

There are two sets of Kimber families in Halifax, Canada—which is where I live—who don’t know of any direct family connection to each other, but who resemble each other and clearly must be related at some point.

The patriarch of the other Kimber family, who died recently in his late eighties or early nineties was named Tom. I also had an Uncle Tom who died of pneumonia when he was just 20 back in 1928. Given the common-ness of the name in the family, I can only assume there is probably a link back to the Thomas you refer to.

The only documentation I have, although I will ask my mother when I see her next, what else may be around is a short piece my cousin once wrote which details our branch of the family from the time of my grandfather Bill’s marriage in 1905 through the family’s survival of the Halifax Explosion in 1917 and on to this generation. Unfortunately, it does’t go back beyond that.

I’d be keen to hear any information you may have gathered.

Thanks for writing.

Stephen Kimber


Message 19 Aug 98

Steven, Good to hear from you.

The Books are:

The Descendants of Richard Kimber

and another

The Descendants of Thomas Kimber.

Both families are known to be linked but records before the 13th century gets fuzzy.

The Kimber’s are known to come from Cornwall. The area the original Brits settled after the invasion of the Germanic tribes (Jute’s. Angles and Saxon). You can purchase the books, I believe though Amazon Book, but I will check other resources as well and forward names to you.

If you can give me some dates of birth and places of birth I might be able to link your genealogy to these books.

My family came to the US in the early 1700s settling in the Philadelphia area Coincidentally, his name also was Richard.

A brief genealogy for my line:

Richard K.(1699)

Richard Preddy K. (1737)

Caleb K (1761)

Thomas K (1785)

Anthony Morris K (1823)

John Shober K (1864)

John Shober K. Jr. (1907)

John Cope K. (1934)

John A (1956)

Look forward to hearing from you again

John Kimber


Message 19 Aug 1998

Hello Steve, My name is Chuck Kimber. Actually, Charles K Kimber.

I come from a line of Kimber’s that immigrated to America in the 1860’s. They came with the Mormons to Utah, where most of us still live.

My progenitor came front Berkshire England, around the Newbury – Buckebury area. My earliest known g g g.grandfather was

Nicholas Kimber, born in Hampstead Norris, Berkshire. he was married to

Elizabeth Dueley.they had a son

Nicholas Kimber II. Born about 1678 in Hampstead Norris, Berkshire.he was married to

Elizabeth Crapen 20 October 1698.

They had a son Joseph Kimber born 21 April 1746 in Newbury, Berkshire and he was married to Mary Chestwell and 0n down, (too many to list here) to me.

If your Kimber’s are from this general area, we could very well be related.

If you want to give me your snail mail address. I will send you copies of what I have, if you think there is a connection. In any event, it is good to hear front a fellow Kimber. There are a few of us left in the world, and there are several Steven Kimber’s in our immediate families, meaning cousins.

Let me know what you think.

Chuck Kimber


Message 30 Jan 1998

My name is John Kimber and I live in Vancouver Washington.

I have a great deal of research on the Kimber Family if you are interested.

I saw your name on the Hewing the Stones guest register.

There are several books, which can be purchased which would assist you if you were interested. I have found it interesting to see the size of the family Hope to hear from you later.

John Kimber

3 thoughts on “Message Board

  1. Hello – My name is Laurie Kember. My connection to the Kimber family is my 3rd Great Grandfather was William Kimber (1813 – 1882). He emigrated to the U.S. and purchased land in LaSalle County, Illinois. The land that my father, Robert Kember still farms today (he is currently 76).
    William the following 10 siblings including:
    George 1804 – 1884
    Thomas 1806 – ?
    John 1808 – ?
    James 1810 – 1836
    Ann 181- 1895
    Mary 1826 – ?
    Sarah 1818 – 1874
    Robert 1820 – ?
    Stephen (Steven?) 1821 – 1884
    Jesse 1824 – 1885
    William married Sarah Castle June 12, 1836, in Kent. They had seven children in 11 years. He died on April 19, 1882, in Serena, Illinois, at the age of 69. Sarah died on June 16, 1861, in Serena, Illinois, at the age of 46. They had been married 25 years. He then married Rachel and had more children. I am in the William & Sarah line.
    I am looking for any old pictures of William and Sarah – or his siblings. My email address is: or I am on Facebook. Send me a friend request explaining your Kimber (Kember) connection! Best Regards, Laurie

  2. Sir Henry Kimber Bart. (1834-1923) was MP for Wandsworth 1885-1913 and I think Kimber Road in Earlsfield is named after him.

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