Absolutely Classic~The Music of William Kimber

This CD was released to celebrate the centenary of the meeting between Cecil Sharp, the Headington Quarry Morris dancers and their musician William Kimber on Boxing Day 1899.

It contains archival recordings of William Kimber playing the anglo-concertina, his singing and his reminiscences – many of the recordings have not been made available before.

The CD also illustrates William Kimber’s continuing legacy with recordings of current Headington Quarry Morris musician, John Graham, and of England’s best-loved free-reed instrumentalist, John Kirkpatrick.

The CD is enhanced, which means that you can access film clips, over 45 photographs and an inter-active picture of the 1899 scene through your personal computer. The CD comes complete with a 64-page booklet edited by Derek Schofield detailing Kimber’s life, musicianship and influence.

1.Constant Billy – 2.Talk: Boxing Day 1899 – 3.Bean Setting ) – 4.Talk: Boxing Day 1899 – 5.Getting Upstairs – 6.Rigs o’Marlow – 7.Talk: Mary Neal – 8.The Twenty-Ninth of May – 9.Country Gardens – 10.Talk: Steinway Hall – 11.Trunkles – 12.Bacca Pipes – 13.The Willow Tree – 14.Talk: Cecil Sharp – 15.Hunting the Squirrel – 16.Jockie to the Fair – 17.Rodney – 18.Up with the Lark in the Morning (song) – 19.Double Set-Back – 20.Talk: Dance Style – 21.The Blue-Eyed Stranger – 22.Over the Hills to Glory – 23.The Morris Reel (Soldier’s Joy) – 24.Talk: Women Dancing the Morris – 25.Double Lead Through – 26.Laudnum Bunches – 27.Old Mother Oxford – 28. The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket – 29.Rigs o’Marlow (John Graham) – 30. Shepherds’ Hey – 31.Haste to the Wedding – 32.Laudnum Bunches (John Kirkpatrick).

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music of william kimber

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